Voltage Regulator LM7805

Voltage regulator is a device used to provide a constant output voltage. Most of the circuits uses 5V supply. With a voltage regulator, LM7805 you can make your own 5V supply easily.

Lets look at voltage regulator 78xx family. The xx specifies the output voltage of voltage regulator. For example, 7805 means 5V output voltage, 7812 means 12V output voltage. There is also 79xx family which provides negative output voltage. 7905 would provide a -5V output voltage.

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Analog Distance Sensor SN-GP2Y0A21

Distance sensors are widely used in applications that require distance measurement. It is also used in robotics application to detect and measure distance with wall or obstacles. So we are going to look on Analog Distance Sensor SN-GP2Y0A21. As it’s name sounds, it gives out analog readings with changes in distance.

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