nRF24L01 Breakout Board

Recently I have made myself nRF24L01 Breakout Board. Firstly, what is that nRF24L01?

nRF24L01 Transceiver

nRF24L01 layout

It is a 2.4GHz Transceiver, communicate using SPI and has 250kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps on air data rate. nRF24L01 Product Specification

Personally I am still new to this nRF24L01 Transceiver.  You can try Arduino For BeginnersManiacbug or Arduino Info Wikispace for more info about this transceiver. Some important note on using this transceiver is that it operates at a VCC of 3.3V. Supplying 5V to VCC will cause permanent damage to your transceiver. However, the data pins are all 5V compatible.

This breakout board uses LE33CZ as 3.3V regulator, supplying 3.3V to VCC. Some features of LE33CZ:

– Low Dropout Voltage (0.2V)

– Output Current up to 100mA

I designed this breakout board which can be easily used on your Arduino. Your can directly hook it up onto your Arduino and ready to use. There is also a jumper that allows you to choose Vin supply either from Arduino pin or external source.

2013-08-17 15.49.47
Breakout board on Arduino

Pin connections:



1x nRF24L01 transceiver

1x nRF24L01 breakout board

1x 1×7 ways straight pin header (male)

1x 1×3 ways straight pin header (male)

1x 2×4 ways straight female header

1x 10uF electrolytic capacitor

1x LE33CZ Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

Next, I am going to share the assembly of the breakout board.

Parts and Components





Top view
Bottom view
nRF24L01 Transceiver added to breakout board

Some images of the breakout board on Arduino:



2013-08-17 15.49.47

For your information, the breakout boards are all made with DIY PCB using toner transfer method. The schematic and layout are all designed by Eagle Cadsoft. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a comment below. 🙂

If you need this nRF24L01 breakout board, you can drop me a comment or pm me.

Okay, good luck in trying nRF24L01 and have fun.

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