RF Controlled Robot Car

My first two projects related to Arduino are clock related. If you haven’t seen them before, its the Digital Alarm Clock and Digital Clock on 7 Segment Display. Now, I am going to share a project which uses Cheap RF Modules to control robot wireless.

The wireless transmission uses cheap RF module on 433Mhz. This modules can be obtained at a very low cost. Since they are available at low cost, they are not that perfect as compared to more expensive RF modules. Continue reading “RF Controlled Robot Car”

Digital Clock on 7 Segment Display

Today I am going to share and explain about a mini project that I made during my free time, which is a Digital Clock displayed on 7 segment display. In this digital clock, there are a few functions available such as stopwatch, countdown timer, temperature display and time settings. Although I think I still can go more besides this 4 functions, which I will try to develop it in the future. Besides that, this clock also has keypad which allows user interface. Continue reading “Digital Clock on 7 Segment Display”