Digital Clock Using 7 Segment Display controlled using TV Remote

Recently I have made another digital clock as a mini project for my course, Microprocessor. If you are following my previous projects, you may noticed that I have made two digital alarm clocks before, one displayed on 7 Segment Display and the other displayed on Liquid Crystal Display. However in this projects, the digital clock combines both of the display. Another special feature in this project is that no buttons are used to control it, instead TV remote is used to control the clock wirelessly.

There are varieties of digital clock available in our daily life. Basic digital clock usually will have some built in features such as alarm clock, calendar, and thermometer besides display the clock information. Some of the advance digital clock also has features such as AM and FM radio. Most of the digital clocks are using LCD display.  Continue reading “Digital Clock Using 7 Segment Display controlled using TV Remote”