Review on Toner Transfer Paper

Previously I made an article on how to make your own PCB at home using toner transfer method. In that article I am using magazine paper to transfer the toner to the PCB. The results of using magazine paper is satisfying for simpler circuit, at least for my case. However, when working with more complex circuit, its getting tougher. So today I am going to show a better method to make your own PCB, which is using toner transfer paper. Toner transfer paper can be obtained very cheap from China seller, so I think its quite affordable for hobbyists who wants to make their PCB at home.

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Infra-red Sensor (IR)

What is infra-red (IR)? Infra-red is an electromagnetic wave who wavelength is between 0.75 microns to 1000 microns (1 micron = 1µm). Since infra-red is out of visible light range, we can’t really see IR with naked eye. However, there is a method to “see” IR which will be shown later on. Some of the infra-red applications includes night vision, hyperspectral imaging, and communications. We also use IR daily in our TV remote or any device remote.

IR range in electromagnetic spectrum

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