Arduino is getting more and more common in embedded system. Arduino allows everyone to make their own project, making the project much more easier. So, here I have some tutorials that are available to help you understand more about Arduino and interfacing with other device. This list will keep on updating as I try more and more new stuff. If you have any suggestion or comments, feel free to leave me a comment.


1. Passive Infra-red Sensor (PIR)

2. Temperature Sensor LM35

3. 7 Segment Display

4. Liquid Crystal Display HD44780

5. Analog Display Sensor SN-GP2Y0A21

6. Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04

7. RC Servo Motor

8. DS 1307 Real Time Clock

9. RF Module (Part 1)

10. RF Module (Part 2)

11. 4×4 Matrix Keypad

12. L293D Quadruple Half H Drivers

13. 74HC595 8 bit Shift Register

14. GPS Bee Kit (Part 1)

15. GPS Bee Kit (Part 2)

16. Infrared Sensor

17. 74HC165 Parallel In, Serial Out Shift Register

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