Here I will share some of the mini projects that I have done while trying with new things. In each article, the basic operation of the project will be explained. Some extra details on program will be covered. Therefore, if you don’t understand on how to code it, try to look back on the tutorials pages for detailed information.


1. Digital Alarm Clock

2. Digital Clock on 7 Segment Display

3. RF Controlled Robot Car

4. Digital Clock Using 7 Segment Display with TV Remote

5. Build your own Arduino

6. Arduino Piano

7. 2048 on Arduino

8. Wall Following Robot

9. Bridge Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Network

10. Display Arduino Analog Input using LabVIEW

2 thoughts on “Projects

  1. nice job you have done. I have done this project before too. It is good to write the code yourself to communicate with I2C device using wire library. If you want to save your time, you can consider to use RTC library available online for arduino. And for the switches you use how many pins for that, you can consider to control all switches using 1 analog input only. I can share my code on some parts of this project if you want. Keep on good work, rock….

    1. Thanks, I never knew RTC library allows user to set the date and time. In my opinion, using Wire to code offers better understanding. Great idea to use analog input, I saw it before but never tried to implement it yet. Should give it a try. 😀

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