4×4 Matrix Keypad

Tired of using normal push buttons as input to your system? You should consider including a matrix keypad. Matrix keypad is widely use in our daily life. Often, matrix keypad is available in 3×4 or 4×4. For your information, matrix keypad is a good substitution to normal push button. Matrix keypad offers more input to the microcontroller with lesser I/O pins required as compared to buttons. Consider your system needs 16 inputs, you requires only 8 I/O pins with keypad instead of 16 I/O pins. So you can actually use the extra 8 pins for other functions. Continue reading “4×4 Matrix Keypad”

SKM 53 GPS sensor with 8085

I’m gonna share one of the project I had in my course subject, Microprocessor here. The title of my project is GPS sensor. So I was required to interface with GPS sensor by using Intel 8085 microprocessor. The language used is assembly language.

Continue reading “SKM 53 GPS sensor with 8085”